I made you a mix tape, because I like you so stinkin’ much.

There are no words to express how much I love music.  How it is such a huge part of my day while I am writing, working, driving, chugging coffee, cooking, pretty much everything.  The only thing it is not a part of is coaching, but maybe I will work on that……

I think one of the best gifts you can give someone is a new song that they can play on repeat and sing out loud, awkwardly, in the coffee shop.  Wait, is that just me?

I hope this introduces you to some amazing new music and bands that may inspire, empower or just rock your day.  It is all about the little things:)

**Warning: a lot of this music is thought-provoking, contemplative or as my sister calls it….”depressing.”   I will try to mix it up for you.  If it is not your style of music, that is totally cool.  We can so be kindred spirits (like in Anne of Green Gables) in lots of other ways.


If you are crushin’ on any of these songs here are the details.

Fever by Maps and Atlases

Diamonds by The Boxer Rebellion

Woodwork by Sleeping At Last

The Lake by Aunt Martha

Clean Slate by M. Ward

What do you think?

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