Is Being Single Tragic Or An Adventure?

Deep thoughts today…

Being single is not tragic.

You are not broken or unlovable and the love gods do not hate you.

It is a stage in your life just like childhood, being in a relationship, marriage, being a parent, etc. All of these stages we are growing, evolving and learning about ourselves. Some last longer then others.

However, you get to choose if you are happy or not in this stage. You decide whether or not your life is full of friendships, adventure, fun, exploring, travel and kissing awesome people. Or if you are lonely, sad, checked out, pining for love and possibly desperate.

Think hard about the two people I just described. Which one is going to get to a good relationship faster? If you are not sure, we need to talk now!

We have a lot more control over whether or not we are single than we like to think. And we certainly have a choice to be sad about it or look at it as an awesome stage in life with adventures.

Which are you choosing and why?

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