I have to be honest, I am a little embarrassed for all of us.

That we have taken something that is as amazing as love and made it crap.

That we have started to measure love by gifts, instead of the simple beauty of someone choosing to love you and showing up every day.

That we think one day a year is enough to acknowledge the love in our life.

And most importantly that if you are single, you have allowed a bunch of corporations (who make a shit ton of money today) to tell you this day isn’t for you.  Don’t worry, I understand why after watching about 17 seriously vomit-inducing jewelry commercials last night.

As you sit at home and tie your self-worth to whether you plan on receiving flowers from a special someone, please remember this.  You are loved and my guess, you are loved by many, many people.  Parents, siblings, friends, co-workers, neighbors and maybe even your barista if you keep tipping so nicely.

However, you are so focused on the pity party of one you are having because you haven’t found “the one” yet you are ignoring all of the people in your life that love you. Have you forgotten?  Today isn’t about tacky ass teddy bears or flowers that die in three days….it is about celebrating love.

So get out of that head of yours and spend today reminding yourself, and everyone around you, what today is really about.  Let’s cupid this shit up, shall we?

Here is your Valentine’s Day Adventure (pick one or all of them)

**Call the people in your life and tell them three reasons why you love them.  Finishing with asking them about their life and truly listening.  One of the greatest gifts of love you can give.

**Pick one person you love and know is having a tough day and make it special for them.  Make them the object of your affection for the day.  Buy them a gift, make them a video, sing them a song.   Let them know they are loved.  Plus, you will be amazed at how much better you feel after giving all day.

**Perform 5 random acts of kindness to make a stranger’s day special.  Buy someone’s coffee, plug their meter, give someone a cupcake (they make everybody’s day better!) or whatever you want to do to do!  Get creative and share on our facebook.  You will see mine there.

Get out there and give some love.  Tell me how it goes.  Share it in the comments.

Adore you all,


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