What it is, what it isn’t, and
how to finally get it & keep it!

Listen, i get it.

Dating is exhausting.

  • Tinder, texting & trust issues.
  • Ghosting. Breadcrumbing. Zombieing.
  • Friends with benefits & frustrations.
  • Hookups, heartaches & hurt feelings.
  • Speed dates. Blind dates. No dates.
  • Cheating, lying & emotionally unavailability.
  • Break-ups, set-ups & setbacks.
  • Netflix and chill..?
It’s a lot.

Is love even a
real thing anymore?

(psst, it is. Just lots of things have changed)

What's included:

Yes, it is this freakin' amazing. And free. Someone's got to make this better.


Hi! I'm Kira, & I teach people how to date smarter to get amazing relationships.

A few things about me…

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